en3 | Team


Name: Wilhelm Hemecker

Position: Director

E-Mail: wilhelm.hemecker@gtb.lbg.ac.at



Name: Cornelia Nalepka

Position: Office Manager

E-Mail: cornelia.nalepka@gtb.lbg.ac.at



Name: Albert Dikovich (on educational leave)

Position: Researcher

E-Mail: albert.dikovich@gtb.lbg.ac.at



Name: Roman Hutter

Position: Researcher

E-Mail: roman.hutter@gtb.lbg.ac.at



Name: Marie Kolkenbrock

Position: Researcher; Research Associate (University of Cambridge)

E-Mail: mek32@cam.ac.uk



Name: Cornelius Mitterer

Position: Researcher

E-Mail: cornelius.mitterer@gtb.lbg.ac.at



Name: David Österle

Position: Researcher

E-Mail: david.oesterle@gtb.lbg.ac.at


Name: Katharina Prager

Position: Researcher

E-Mail: katharina.prager@gtb.lbg.ac.at


Name: Edward Saunders

Position:  Researcher; Deputy Director

E-Mail: edward.saunders@gtb.lbg.ac.at



Name: Gregor Schima

Position: Student Assistant

E-Mail: gregor.schima@gtb.lbg.ac.at


Ludwig Boltzmann Institute
for the History and Theory of Biography

Porzellangasse 4/1/17
1090 Vienna

Tel.: +43-1-4277 43099
Email: office@gtb.lbg.ac.at